I just moved into a new apartment in Lubbock, any tips for making friends in a new city?

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Going on a walk in your new neighborhood can be a great way to meet your neighbors.

Whether it's for professional, academic, or personal reasons, moving to a new city in a brand new apartment can be a scary endeavor. Especially after college when you're living in nonstudent apartments it can be more challenging to make friends. You've been uprooted from what was once your tight-knit social circle, and the place you called home, and are forced to press the reset button. Once again, you have to search for apartments in Lubbock, rebuild your personal and professional network, and make the next chapter of your life as exciting as you know it can be.

For many, making new friends can be a tough and intimidating experience. Especially in a new city or live alone in a one bedroom apartment in Lubbock, you're going to have to put in a bit of extra effort to form relationships and start building up a new network of friends. But whatever you do, don't get discouraged! There is no timeline on making friends so even if it doesn't come naturally to you at first, there is plenty of time, and different ways, to find your people in your new city!

Join Social Media Groups

Facebook groups are becoming one of the most popular ways to meet people in your city even before you arrive. These groups are designed for newbies like you to interact with others, ask questions about local shops and restaurants, discover things to do, or seek out roommates for Lubbock apartments. All you have to do is use the search bar at the top of the home page and type in the keyword "Lubbock", press enter, and then select groups from there. You can scroll through all of your options on this page and see what stands out to you! Don't overlook Facebook groups, as they are a great way to get connected to your new community.

Ask Existing Friends and Colleagues

It is always a smart idea to inform your friends and colleagues about your move before your departure. You never know who might be able to help you make some new connections. When talking with friends and colleagues, don't hesitate to ask, "Do you know anyone in Lubbock?" Even if they don't directly know someone, they might know someone who knows someone, and you'll be able to get a few potential contacts. If you're looking for roommates, it might be nice to get connected with a mutual friend to give you advice on apartments in Lubbock and the best way to go about your roommate search!

Seek out Activities and Events in Lubbock

The moving process is inevitably exhausting, but no matter how much you want to curl up in your Lubbock studio apartment and watch Netflix all weekend, you should take advantage of any social opportunity. People tend to form friendships over things they share in common, so focus on finding events and activities that you are interested in and the rest will happen naturally. If you're someone who is into sports, try joining a sports league. Want to give back to your community? Try volunteering for a local organization. Whatever it is you're interested in, finding people with mutual interests is a great way to form genuine bonds and make friends.

Adjusting to a new city can be difficult and these are just a few of the ways you can make friends. Always remember that you're not alone! There are plenty of people in the same boat as you, wondering how they are going to make friends. Just be confident, be yourself, and put in the time, and soon enough you will form friendships that could last a lifetime.

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