How do I find good roommates for apartments near TTU?

If you're a student anxious about finding roommates for your apartment near TTU, don't worry, you're not alone! Finding roommates, especially ones that you click with, is a challenge that most college students encounter when deciding on a place to live. Everybody wants to find people they get along with and avoid all of the roommate horror stories, but not everyone knows where to begin. If you're fortunate enough to have a sibling or close friend already set up to live with, then you're good to go! But for those trying to navigate through the roommate searching process, here are a few starting points to set you up for success.

Join Facebook Groups

There are plenty of student-run university groups that have become increasingly popular in searching for roommates. In these groups, you can either create your own post, or search and browse through other people's. When creating your own post, make sure to include exactly what you're looking for in your living situation! If you're on the hunt for a 3-bedroom, 3- bathroom TTU apartment with parking included, be sure to clarify that in your post. Also, it's smart to add a few things about yourself and what you like to do. This way, you'll be able to find roommates with similar interests and lifestyles. Even if your Facebook post doesn't lead you to your future roommates, it might lead you to your future hiking buddy or study partner!

Reach out to Friends

If you're an incoming sophomore, junior, or senior, you might already have some good resources within your friend circle. Texas Tech University is known to be a tight-knit community so reach out to your friends for recommendations. They might know someone who is also looking for a roommate to share a two bedroom apartment or be able to share what worked for them on their roommate hunt. You might be surprised with how well-connected your friends are, which can be very useful when searching for your future roommates.

Utilize Roommate-matching Websites

Now more than ever, it is especially helpful to utilize online resources when searching for your college roommates. Some apartments near TTU will offer their own roommate matching services but there is also plenty of online resources to choose from. Some examples of sites to check out are RoomieMatch or Diggz. With any roommate matching system, the goal is to ensure that you're paired with people who you're compatible with. When filling out questions about your cleanliness, sleep schedules, and other aspects of your lifestyle, be sure to be honest so your pairings will be accurate.

Be Prepared to ask Questions

After posting in Facebook groups, or talking with friends, you are likely to get in contact with some potential candidates! To sort through your options and make sure you're connected with people you'd get along with, compile a list of questions to ask before deciding to live together. Some questions might include…

  • What are your cleaning habits?
  • How do you like to spend your weekends?
  • What time do you usually go to bed?
  • How often are you planning on having friends in the apartment?
  • What are you looking for in a roommate?

Having some questions prepared beforehand is a great way to get a feel for what your prospective roommate is really like. Most likely, they will have some concerns as well, so it gives you both a chance to ask any questions to ensure you will be a good fit together. If you are getting a three bedroom or 4 bedroom apartment near TTU, make sure to ask each roommate these questions to ensure they are all a good fit for you. Going to extra step to find roommates you will get along with will make living in apartments near TTU that much better of an experience.

If you're planning on living with roommates in TTU apartments, it's important to spend time beforehand considering all of the different factors involved. Remember that the fewer roommates you have, the quieter the apartment will be! Sharing a living space with someone can make-or-break your time at college so you want to make sure you're finding the right match for you! Pro tip: if you're worried about being lonely in your apartment even with roommates, try adopting a furry friend at pet-friendly apartments in Lubbock and you'll have a lifelong companion!

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