I'm trying to decide if I want roommates. What are the pros and cons of living alone in apartments near Texas Tech?

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When picking an off-campus Texas Tech apartment, one of the first decisions to make is whether you will live alone or with roommates. When choosing what is right for you, be sure to weigh the positives and negatives on everything from finances to lifestyle.

Positives of Living Alone

If you choose to live alone in your one bedroom apartment near TTU, then one benefit will be having full control over your space. You will be able to make all the decorating decisions, you'll get full reign of the TV and you'll never have to fight for fridge space. Having your apartment all to yourself is great if you have a busy schedule and need a peaceful space to come home to. It is deal if you're studying for big exams like the MCAT or just need to focus on rigorous schoolwork. Living alone also means that your apartment can be the place to host get-togethers with friends, since you won't have to be considerate to a roommate. Having a space to yourself is great for those who enjoy alone time and have a low social battery.

Negatives of Living Alone

Living alone can bring negatives like loneliness, boredom or safety concerns. If you are the type of person that needs a roommate to be a sounding board after a long day of class, then living alone may not be for you. Not having roommates can be a slippery slope into isolating yourself. The lifestyle is less eventful and if you're not good at making your own fun, it could get boring. Safety can also be a concern, especially as a woman in college. Living alone can be dangerous without the strength in numbers from others. Also, one bedroom or studio TTU apartments will be significantly more expensive than the price of a shared apartment.

Positives of Roommates

Living with roommates can be one of the most fun experiences at Texas Tech University. Bonding with your roommate over late-night pizza, studying together, or cooking together can all be part of your experience when you live with someone else. If you're lucky you may have a close friend to live with or you may make a friend out of the random roommate you are assigned. Roommates can be there for you in case of an emergency or just if you need to borrow some flashcards to study. Roommates have the potential to enhance your college experience and widen your social circle. The more people you live with, typically the lower the price per bedroom. However, if you want a roommate but rather not live with 3 other people, a two-bedroom apartment near TTU would be perfect for you!

Negatives of Roommates

Roommates can also be a pain. Be prepared to deal with your roommate being inconsiderate with bringing people over, leaving dirty dishes in the sink for weeks, or using your stuff. While not every roommate is like this, it is almost impossible to tell if someone is this way prior to signing a lease with them. The negatives of having a roommate come when you all don't get along, can't get out of your lease and then have to handle the conflict yourselves. f

When you're deciding whether or not to live with roommates in your apartment near TTU, think about your personality, lifestyle and finances to make the right choice for you. 

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