What security features can I look for at apartments in Lubbock?

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Well-lit apartment exteriors are a great safety feature to have while being out at night!

What security features can I look for at apartments in Lubbock?

Getting accustomed to your new Lubbock apartment area can be fun and, let's face it, a little stressful. Whether you are new to the Lubbock area or new to living in an apartment, safety is likely a priority for you. Feeling secure where you live is often the most important factor in choosing an apartment. To give you the extra peace of mind when it comes to deciding which security features you want to look for in your Lubbock apartment, we have created a list so you can decide which safety features are most prevalent to your living situation.

Gated Apartments

Living in a gated apartment community gives you the peace of mind that there is more control of who enters and leaves the apartment. There are several kinds of gates, so before choosing a gated community, make sure to ask the leasing office which they utilize! Some gated apartment communities simply require a code to be granted access into the property while others require a gate card. Whichever gate type the LBK apartment utilizes, gated access gives you more control of who can come into the apartment community and can deter unwanted visitors. If you have a Lubbock apartment with an elevator, then you may have a access card to get to your floor.

Alarm Systems

If safety is your main concern in Lubbock apartments, then investing in an alarm system is a must-have! Just the presence of this amenity will give you a sense of security. An alarm system is a deterrent to intruders and can very well steer them away from your apartment. If you are considering installing this amenity, make sure to call your apartment's manager and make sure that the apartment is pre-wired for this technology. Additionally, take note that with this security feature, you will need to pay a monthly service fee.

Security Officers

The importance of security officers is often overlooked but are actually a fantastic security feature. These officers had another level of protection to your living situation by keeping an eye on the apartment at all times. Additionally, they often have other duties to up-keep the livability of your apartment community. They are a general deterrent for crime and will enforce community rules.

Well Lit Exteriors

Having proper outdoor lighting as a safety feature is a necessity. Bright lighting in proximity to your building and parking area will indisputably make you feel safer being outside at night. You shouldn't have to be scared to go outside and walk your dog due to low visibility. Well-lit exteriors are a deterrent for crime and will also maintain your overall safety walking at night. You no longer have to turn on your phone's flashlight to prevent falling over poorly lit curbs. Living in an area with proper night lighting, especially if you live alone in a one bedroom apartment, is just smart! 

Individually Locking Bedrooms

There's a good chance you will be sharing your Lubbock apartment with roommates. While your roommates are hopefully friends that you can trust, your personal space should always be an area you can keep secure. It isn't wrong to want to protect your personal belongings and valuables when you aren't at your apartment. This safety feature will give you the peace of mind to lock your room before leaving and know that everything in your room will be kept safe. You may not even be worries about your guests, but instead the visitors they bring over that you don't know. Individually locking bedrooms can provide an extra layer of security you want in your Lubbock apartment.

Overall, security is an important luxury apartment feature to look for in your next apartment to help keep you safe!

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