Should New Students Live in Student Housing or Conventional Housing in Lubbock, TX?

Is Student Housing or Conventional Apartment Living Right for You in Lubbock, TX?


Deciding where to live is a significant and often stressful decision. For college students, this decision is especially important. A student's living situation can greatly affect their academic work, lifestyle, and even their mental health. In Lubbock, TX, there are plenty of housing options available, but two of the most popular are student housing and conventional apartments. Both options have their pros and cons, which we'll explore in this blog post to help you determine which option is right for you.


Student Housing

Student housing is a place where students can live alone or with roommates while having the intention of providing a convenient and supportive living environment. Many student housing options in Lubbock are situated near Texas Tech University or even on campus. Living in student housing, there is a greater sense of community than experienced in conventional apartments. There are plenty of communal spaces where students can gather to socialize, study, and play, and often events are planned to encourage interaction between peers. The downside to student housing is that residents can sometimes be noisy, and it can be challenging to find quiet study spaces during peak periods.


Conventional apartments

Conventional apartments in Lubbock are plentiful and offer students more freedom. Conventional apartment living suits those who enjoy their privacy and prefer a quieter living situation. Living off-campus typically means access to amenities such as shops, restaurants, and public transport. However, living off-campus can also make socializing and attending classes more difficult since residents are further away from campus.



Cost plays a significant role in selecting housing options in Lubbock. In most cases, student housing has roommate options, the price per month for each person decreases with the more roommates you have. There are many properties that do roommate matching for you. Often, utility bills, parking, and internet fees are also included in the rent at student housing facilities, whereas they may be additional costs when living in a conventional apartment. Despite larger apartments costing less in rent than student housing, expenses beyond the rent can add up making it important to consider all the cost factors before settling on housing.



In Lubbock, student housing often comes equipped with more amenities than conventional apartments. These typically include pools, gyms, study spaces, and even tanning beds. These amenities may come at an extra cost but can be a fantastic addition to student life. Conversely, conventional apartments usually offer fewer amenities. Some have pools and fitness centers, but most do not offer dedicated study spaces or communal living facilities.



Before selecting a housing option, prospective residents must consider the requirements for each type. Student housing typically requires students to sign a lease for an academic year, while conventional apartment leases may range from 6 to 12 months. When compared to conventional apartments, student housing also has more rules and regulations. These may include bans on pets, stringent guest policies, and a requirement for students to maintain good academic standing to remain in residence. In contrast, conventional apartments generally offer their tenants more flexibility in terms of rules and lease durations.


Choosing where to live in Lubbock can be a difficult decision, especially for new students. Ultimately, the choice comes down to an individual's preferences and budget. Student housing may be more expensive, have more rules, and have less privacy, but it provides a supportive environment that may benefit students struggling to adjust to college life. Conventional apartments may be cheaper and offer more flexibility, but they may not offer a sense of community that student housing provides. Regardless of what students choose, Lubbock has numerous housing options and is an excellent city to call home during your college years.

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