Do you have any tips for cleaning my apartment in Lubbock?

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Pro tip- Make cleaning easier by organizing your space before you start to deep clean your living room!

Cleaning your Lubbock apartment doesn't have to be an overwhelming process! A clean apartment has many benefits and will help improve your overall living experience. Rember that brand new apartments tend to be easier to clean because they have never been lived in before! You will have higher productivity levels and want to spend more time in your space if you keep up with all of the household chores and responsibilities. Whether you love to clean or avoid it at all costs, we've got some helpful tips for making cleaning your Apartment in Lubbock feel like a breeze.

Declutter your Lubbock Apartment First

Before you start to fully deep clean your space, you'll want to declutter any mess you have first. Try making your bed, picking up dirty clothes, and throwing away any garbage before you start the cleaning process. By taking the extra time to organize first, it will make tidying up your apartment much easier and less overwhelming in the long run.

Gather Supplies and Make a Schedule

Another helpful cleaning tip is to create a cleaning schedule with everything you need to do. This will allow you to stay organized and help you not forget any specific tasks that you planned to accomplish on a certain day. A cleaning schedule is also essential while living with roommates. You should make sure that everyone is on the same page with splitting responsibilities on who is doing what. This is especially true if you live in a two-bedroom apartment near TTU! Make sure you and your roomie curate a schedule for cleaning. There are multiple ways to do this with 2 roommates like dividing the week for individual clean up days or assigning particular duties to each roommate. Additionally, you will want to stock up on all the basic cleaning supplies so that you have everything you need to get the job done. However, this doesn't have to be expensive! You can pick up the basics like glass cleaner, disinfectant spay, paper towels, brooms, and more at places like your local Walmart.

Focus on the Bathroom and Kitchen

These two areas of your apartment under $900/month that tend to get the dirtiest and need to be cleaned the most often out of any other area in your home. For the bathroom, you can complete a quick deep clean by wiping down all surfaces, cleaning the toilet, Swiffering the floor, and cleaning the shower. For the kitchen, be sure to clear out any old food out of the fridge and wipe down all commonly touched surfaces. See if you can find a Lubbock apartment with a dishwasher to make cleaning even easier. 

Make Cleaning Fun

Cleaning traditionally doesn't sound like a fun activity but it can really enjoyable depending in how you think of it. You can catch up on your new favorite Netflix show while you tidy up your living room. Or if TV isn't really your thing, try listening to an interesting Podcast or your playlist while you go. This will make it seem like cleaning is going faster and you can even be productive while you do it. If you live in a three bedroom apartment, grab your roommates and knock out some cleaning together.


The most important part to make cleaning your Lubbock Apartment feel less overwhelming is to try and keep up with the little things in between your deep cleans. For example, if you have an extra 5 minutes tidy up your room or take out the trash. These small steps will add up and make the monthly or weekly big cleaning sessions feel less daunting. Also, remember that pet-friendly apartments can be more challenging to maintain so be extra careful when cleaning up after furry friends!

Having a clean and put together Lubbock apartment will help you feel a big sense of accomplishment when you're done. As long as you break down the process into manageable steps, you will have a spotless apartment with minimal effort in no time!
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