What should I ask while touring Lubbock apartments?

During your search for the perfect apartment in Lubbock, you're bound to go on many tours before you find the right fit. One of the best ways to come prepared to an apartment tour is to have as many questions as possible for the leasing agents. These inquiries will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on which Lubbock apartment matches your specific preferences and budget. You should be 100% confident before making your final decision and the leasing agent for the apartment community will be happy to ease all of your concerns during the tour. Don't worry if you forget to ask something while you're touring because you can always email them at a later time to get the answers you need. This article will help give advice on the best apartment questions to ask during your next apartment tour and overall make the process much less overwhelming.

What is Included in My Monthly Rent Payment for my Lubbock Apartment?

Questions relating to the apartment cost breakdown are arguably the most important things to ask when it comes to touring different apartment communities. You want to find an apartment that falls within your exact budget. If you're sharing the rent of a two bedroom apartment, check to make sure that the unit is split evenly. Remember that on top of the rent price tag, there are typically extra fees that come along with renting your Lubbock apartment. Be sure to have your leasing agent break down all the possible hidden costs during your tour. One of the most known extra costs is utilities. Try to find out if the apartment under $800/month includes all utilities, making it all inclusive, or only includes some. You can inquire about particular utilities such as cable, internet, water, electricity, and garbage. You also need to figure out how they divide the utility bill between roommate tenants. Other smaller fees to consider asking about how the application fee and deposit work. Remember that luxury apartments with many features will often. come with a higher price tag. Furthermore, ask what forms of payment are accepted, such as cash, check, or card. Also make sure to ask what the late fees are if you don't make your rent on time.

What are the onsite amenities offered by this apartment community?

Many apartments offer luxury community amenities including a pool, fitness facility, or club room. Some apartment communities even have resident social events using those spaces that can help you meet other people who live in your building. This perk is especially great for college students at Texas Tech looking to make friends after moving to their apartment in Lubbock. Make sure to ask if there are any amenities that require extra fees from the apartment that aren't included in your monthly rent payment and what the hours of accessibility are for the amenities that are included. Other personal amenities to look for are fees for parking and if the unit included parking. Check to see if your apartment has a laundry facility or in-unit washer/dryer for easy cleaning. If safety features are at the top of your list, look for gated apartments to experience added security!

What is Part of the Lubbock Apartment Property Maintenance?

You should find out if the Lubbock apartment offers on site property maintenance to help fix any problems that may arise while living there. You can also ask about 24-hour emergency maintenance for dire situations. Additionally, find out which method do you use to request maintenance, such as email, phone, an app, or an online portal.

Does this apartment offer individual leases and how long is the lease?

Many people look for individual leases on their apartment search compared to traditional ones. An individual lease for an apartment in Lubbock allows you to rent a bedroom within a larger apartment. This means that you will have less liability than if you opted for a regular lease. You should also ask about how you how long the lease lasts and if you are able to renew it if you choose to live there for multiple terms.

Overall, apartment tours will be much less stressful if you know the key questions to ask while on your apartment hunt. Remember that there is never a dumb question and you should feel completely comfortable and excited about the Lubbock apartment that you ultimately decide to choose.


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