What student-friendly amenities should I look for in apartments near Texas Tech?

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Relax by the pool after a long week of exams!

As a student, you'll have different preferences and needs for an apartment than most people, that's why it's important to look specifically for apartments near TTU with student friendly amenities. In college, you will have a very busy lifestyle between classes, student organization involvement, sports, and a job. We want to help you find the perfect apartment that will enhance that lifestyle and make college a great experience for you. There are many amenities that are specifically student focused, that you'll want to keep an eye out for during your search. This article will break down the best student friendly amenities including study rooms, a pool, fitness facilities, and updated kitchen features.

Study Rooms in apartments near TTU

Having a great study space in your college apartment is a game changer especially when it comes time for midterm and finals seasons. While coffee shops and libraries are great, they can get very crowded during busy times making them hard to find a spot and focus. Having a great study room with natural light just steps away from your door will help you ace your next exam. Additionally, many students find it distracting and repetitive to study at the desk in their room. A study area is a great amenity to have a change of scenery while still focusing on your work. Study rooms in most apartment communities are very quiet, so you should have no trouble getting everything done during your late-night cram session.


A pool is a very luxury and sought-after amenity in TTU apartments that many students seem to enjoy. The pool area is a great place to get outside and relax after a stressful day of class or at the library. Some students even prefer to study outside by the pool rather than at their desk. Another great feature of having an apartment resort style pool is that it makes a great place to get together with friends. You can meet new people that live in your apartment community or just have a great outside hangout spot to have all your friends over for a pool party

Fitness Facilities

As a busy full-time Texas Tech University college student, you may not be able to make it to the on-campus rec center or want to splurge on a gym membership. An apartment fitness facility is a great option for students because they are easy to get to cost effective, and less crowded. Whether you like to lift weights or cardio is more your thing, you'll definitely be motivated to hit the gym more if you know how easy it is to get to. Furthermore, apartments typically have higher quality equipment in comparison to public places.

Modern Kitchen

Updated kitchens are great for TTU college students living in off campus housing that aren't on a meal plan. Having a modern kitchen with new stainless-steel appliances will making cooking at home much easier. You'll be able to save a ton of money by eating out less and grocery shopping more.

Overall, there are many amenities in apartments near TTU that are student focused and will help make your life easier while you're in college. Living in an apartment for the first time should be a fun experience, so you should think about which amenities match your lifestyle and budget before deciding. Bonus: A final amenity to look for is extra security features such as gated apartments!


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